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July, 2017


Sales / Marketing

01. Сhallenge

BSI Group had a new inexperienced inside sales team selling a high level solution across all major industries with very little success. There was several factors for this. industry understanding, team coaching and poor call / data approach within the team structure. 

02. Solutions

We took a several step process firstly breaking down the systems and tool the team had access to, secondary we then review the data collected by the businesses vs that information the team had access we noticed that there was a lot of data collected that could support the sales team in having a stronger conversation with customers. We integrated the data flow from other departments and business systems directly into their CRM allowing the sales team a 360 view of the customer. The third step was to retrain the team on a consultative sales approach diving into the customers needs to better service them. Next we did industry training sessions giving the sales team a basic understanding of each major industry and its core pain points to better enable them to offer the right solution to the customer. finally we introduced new tools and data sources to unlock new untapped customers. 

Data improvement
Sales Growth
Customer Conversion
Customer retention rate
03. Results

within the first 12 months we had restructured the inside sales team, restructured the approach to lead generation with several new campaigns backed with data and customer insight. within 6 months of the new sales strategy the teem went from producing an average of 14 leads per month per agent to producing over 45 leads per month per agent which is a 321% increase. 


Over the next 12 months we grew the inside sales team from 3 to 5 due to the extra revenue generated by the team and expanded the Business Development team by an 2 additional sales managers. We took the overall new businesses sales team from £42M to over £57M in new sales. We delivered an average of 18% year on year increase over the next 2 years.