Our mission is to reimagine commerce in ways that build more fulfilling and lasting relationships, and we’re committed to using the power of business to strengthen communities and empower people while delivering great products at an amazing price.

We have achieved this by building strong partnerships with a range of direct suppliers and factories across the globe.

We truly believe that fashion and style are a form of self-expression, and they should be affordable for all.


Style Bodega




November 2020


Digital Marketing

01. Сhallenge

Being a new brand within the online fashion space is a challenging place to be with the amount of fairest competition out there. Style bodega like many startups had a small team already stretched and multi-tasking they didn’t have the time or resource to really grow their online brand, drive new customers, and build a social media following. They were not getting the sales or performance they so desperately needed to grow.

02. Solutions

We had several strategy meetings with their team to get everyone’s thoughts and needs, we went away and developed a full end to end marketing strategy based on their budget to drive highly targeted customers to their website, social media channels using a mixture of keyword ads, visual ad placements, social media PPC ads and remarketing ads to drive continued orders and re-orders helping they get the sales numbers needed to grow.

marketing analysis
business innovation
finance strategy
corporate management
03. Results

– We took their Instagram from 233 followers to over 12K followers within 30 days, increased their post engagement rates by 144%, took their average conversion rate from 12% to 68% with a reorder rate of 34%. We took their average order value from $53 to over $80 and increased their customer re-order rate by Nealy 3 times. We manage to build a campaign that grew their overall business by over 32% within 3 months allowing them to hire an internal marketing manager who we helped train and build a successful handover.

04. Testimonial

We were lost when we found Simply Commercial as we understood our businesses, our partnerships, and our clothing lines however the world of marketing was very complicated and took far more time than what we could offer. Simply Commercial managed to single handily build out our marketing side of the businesses over performing in the numbers they promised us and within a tight budget. I couldn’t recommend them enough we owe our success to them.