Songs from the 90s for energetic entrepreneurs

This article was translated from our Spanish edition. This article was updated on October 10, 2021

Did you grow up watching cartoons like Sailor Moon and Knights of the Zodiac ? Did you practice your first dance steps with Fey or Mercurio? Did you spend your summer afternoons playing ‘kick boat’ in the street with your friends? So your childhood unfolded into a wonderful yet fast-paced decade called the ’90s.

The last 10 years of the last millennium represented great changes in humanity with the advent of technologies such as the common internet and the new era of telecommunications.

If you grew up around this time, you are part of the Millennial Generation , a group of people born between 1981 and 1995 and who, today, are the largest workforce on the planet.

In our Entrepreneur Spotify channel we wanted to celebrate all the entrepreneurs who, like our team, are part of this new era that seeks to transform the world.

We made this playlist of songs from the 90s that you can use for work, fun, and remembering. To form it, we consulted with our community on social networks and these were the selected melodies.

Did we miss an iconic song from this era?



Tina Moriss

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