Strategic & Tactical Planning

Customer Services is one of the most critical part of any business regardless if you are a B2C or B2B business. its roughly 72% cheaper to keep customers vs having to replace lost customers with new customers. with the global pandemic a lot of businesses are having to find innovate ways to be cost effect / cost saving which is why we restructured our pricing model to make our customer service out sourcing even more cost effective for businesses without losing the premium quality or outsourcing to non native english speaking counties. 

Our teams are based in USA, UK and Ireland with the approach of using same country teams giving your customer service that same local feel when supporting your customers. 

on average we save our customer 47% outsourcing their customer service team to us vs keeping it in house while also seeing dramatic increases in customer satisfaction and retention rates. 

Not only is outsourcing your customer service department to us save you money in salaries, training costs, management costs, HR costs and admin cost but also delivers increased revenue to your business often paying for itself giving your business pure savings that can be re-invested. 

Cost Effective

Fixing your costs within an easy to manage monthly package allowing you to focus on your business's growth and operations.


We take a hands-on approach with your customers at the heart of our process to give your business the best retention rates possible


We the experience we have gained over the years we have to build a strong foundation of processes to ensure the quality of our team


We have an in-house development team to ensure we integrate into your business delivering through technology.

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how we help

Align Costs with Strategy & Focus on Growth

How It Works & How We Do It

Essentially we act as your customer service department taking incoming customer service calls, emails, live chats etc. managing customers issues, informations etc.

We setup your own branded IVR phone menu allowing customers to be directed to the needed department. If you do not have customer service number we will deploy one for you either free toll, local geographical number or a vanity number. 

Average Savings

We assign the best suited customer service agents to your business based in knowledge, country and experience, then we train them based our a collaborative training manual we develop with your input. set them agreed performance KPI’s and SLA’s. 


Setup your access to your campaign dashboard were you can review, access and manage your agents, campaign manager, access the calls stats, call recordings and directly message your agents to share feedback.

All packages are a fixed monthly price for our core service and add-ons to cover extra needs. you can turn your campaign on or off whenever you need.

“A satisfied customer is the best business strategy of all..”
Michael LeBoeuf, management professor at the University of New Orleans

Business Planning & Strategy
Will my customers know?

No the service is fully white-labeled. we work incognito mode. We act like your own internal customer service team answering as your brand and send follow up emails under your brand. 

How do you contact the customer?

We setup your very own business numbers which are exclusively yours to call your customers or we can use your business caller ID with our call routing integration. 

Do I need to provide a inbound number?

No we will deploy a dedicated number for your brand with a full IVR phone menu powered by voice AI. If you already have a number you can forward that into our system.

Where are the call agents based?

We operate as a onshore / nearshore outsource agency so agents are based in the US (Chicago) for our North American clients and UK (London) for our UK based clients.

Do I need to train my agents?

No your account manager will work with you to get all the needed information about your business, processes and rules to build a training manual which will be used to train the agents working on your campaign.

Are the calls recorded?

Yes we record all calls for training & quality purposes. We use these recording to improve customers interactions with agents and your brand. We can also give you access to these recordings.

What if want to cancel

You can cancel at anytime we do not lock you into long contracts. All our contracts are 30 day rolling agreements as we understand your needs may change.