A1Revenue is a affiliate marketing online course provider with a difference. That difference is that not only do you get access to exert training groups to learn from but you get access to his private affiliate marketing campaigns giving you access to high earning commissions with an account manager helping you along the way. 

Mr. Opulent is the founder and creator of the A1 Revenue Training Programme.

At the age of 23, he successfully built an online media buying business that generates seven figure net profit in a year.

But before that, he was a college dropout who tried to find a way for living. After a lot of hard work, he finally did it and turned himself into one of the youngest gurus in the field of paid CPA & paid traffic.






April 2020


Customer Services

01. Сhallenge

With the global pandemic COVID-19 taking a impact across a lot of businesses globally A1Revenue had seen a decline in new sign ups due to customers disposable incoming dropping. in order to keep their business afloat and building that were forced to close their internal customer service and live chat teams down and to seek a cost effective solution to keep their customers needs met while they reinvested in their business with the money they could free up from their internal team. 

02. Solutions

A1Revenue came to Simply Commercial to setup a ongoing customer service and live chat outsourcing solution allowing them to still support their customers with a professional UK and US based team delivering the same quick and effective responses / calls and live chats in a fixed monthly cost. 

We setup calls to understand their courses, customer journey and needs to then build out their customer service outsourcing campaign with a CRM and VOIP integration, deployed our custom built live chat onto their platform giving them 7 days a week coverage. 

Call answer rate
Customer Satisfaction
finance strategy
cost saving
03. Results

We reduced their monthly customer service operations cost by over 54% along with saving them just over $1800 per month on systems and technology costs. We increased their customer satisfaction rates along with improving their response rate and speed to answer calls. 

We build a new easier to navigate IVR phone menu naming it easier for their customers to get to the right department/team. 

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